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V.I.E. 2019 – VAS Indoor Experience

WAM-VIE: LA MANIFESTAZIONE INDOOR AD AQUAMORE DI VILLAFRANCA, VERONA (9-10 FEBBRAIO 2019) Il format, in scala ridotta, è quello di Aquafitness Days, condensato in un giorno e mezzo e con contenuti, aggiornamenti e masterclass che soddisfino esigenze di tutti, ma con focus su stili di acquaticità verticale, al culmine dei quali si colloca sempre l’aquafitness, aggiornato nelle sue interpretazioni. La vera novità di Winter Aquafitness Marathon – VIE sarà la nuova tecnologia Hi Tech System -HTS- di Aqquatix, presentata per la prima volta al mondo in questo evento. La sede, la rinnovatissima e moderna Aquamore di Villafranca Veronese. Scopri dettagli del programma e protagonisti, nonché le tariffe agevolatissime e molto contenute per chi si iscriverà entro il 31 dicembre su www.euroaquatic.it SCARICA IL PROGRAMMA COMPLETO

V.I.E. 2018 – VAS Indoor Experience

V.I.E. - THE EVENT THAT WILL INAUGURATE A GREAT, ALL-NEW SEASON OF EAA CONVENTIONS A NEW LOCATION FOR THE MEETUP THAT WILL REPLACE THE HISTORIC WAM: SEVEN INFINITY - GORGONZOLA MILAN, 3-4 MARCH Times change and the need for quality CPD (continuing professional development) presented by swimming pool professionals and operators has led to a demand for events that best combine the training, innovation and energetic fun that water always facilitates. This is the logic behind VIE - VAS Indoor Experiences, which replaces WAM while remaining faithful to the new concept of Vertical Aquatic Styles. It offers two parallel paths, one more training-focused that features across-the-board detailed work and the other more dynamic, but still in line with new trends and up-to-date tips. V.I.E. by...


FIBO 2017 - GLOBAL FITNESS EUROPE'S BIGGEST EVENT FOR TRAINERS AND INSTRUCTORS At the FIBO EUROPEAN CONVENTION on the weekend of 8 and 9 April 2017, trainers and instructors will be getting together for two whole days to train, experience and learn new things, while having fun with like-minded people from all over the world. At FIBO 2017, together with their partners FISAF International, EREPS/EuropeActive, EAA and the DFAV, FIBO is offering you two new events: the FIBO EUROPEAN CONVENTION and the FIBO German Open Hip Hop Unite. BOOK YOUR TICKET FOR FIBO and enter this promo code 58tk9hmdgi2prc6i and get your extra 10% discount! REDEEM YOUR VOUCHER & GET THE DISCOUNT FOR FIBO! Looking for a low-price overnight stay? The CONVENTION CAMP offers an...


RIMINIWELLNESS 2016 - EAA AND AQQUATIX: THE VERY BEST OF WORLD AQUATICS The RiminiWellness-EAA/Aqquatix partnership will be renewed in 2016 - in fact, it will be the real centre of attention at this event, with the EAA's outdoor pool hosting the international who's who of new trends in water sports, enhanced by the exclusive Aqquatix equipment and the EAA-Aqquatix stand, which besides presenting the very latest in training methods and equipment, will also be honoured by the presence of prestigious brands, either as exclusive distributors or in conjunction with the company from Padua. Indeed, the stand (Pavilion D3, no 068) will be the venue for the presentations of the brand-new Aquabike BPM3 2.0 and the New-Smart Aquabike, both newly upgraded and extensively restyled, and the...