European Aquatic Association

    In the early nineties, the European Aquatic Association introduced the culture of vertical movement in water into Italy, and began an extensive training programme which over the years has been responsible for the preparation of most of the aquafitness instructors working in our country.

    European Aquatic Association the brainchild of several enthusiasts from the world of competitive swimming and swimming training, with the aim of spreading a new water culture and with the intention of enhancing the professional value of swimming pool operators both in Italy and world-wide. EAA is now present in France and Russia as well.

    To promote high levels of professionalism and the culture of aquatic skills, using styles, methods and tendencies that are sensitive to what is new, respecting the requests and needs of consumers and operators; to ensure at the same time contents, training quality and models that, when taken as a reference and properly applied by EAA members at work, will ensure impeccable preparation and professionalism, guaranteeing satisfaction of the member and the club in which that member works; all with the aim of ensuring a successful career for the former, business success for the latter and complete satisfaction for clients, exceeding expectations.