HTS - Hi Tech System: the Future in the Water

    High Tech System is an innovative project for monitoring physical water activity that will revolutionise the market in the coming years.

    The first step of this project is characterized by the HTS Display, installed on the BPM Aquabike, which instantly displays activity time, distance covered, calories consumed and pedalling pace.

    Why HTS?

    "Physical exercise proposed and carried out in a correct and individualised way is a fundamental element for improving each person's health and quality of life".

    Dr. Francesco Maria Confalonieri

    The HTS Display is completely waterproof

    What is HTS?

    High Tech System is the innovative physical activity monitoring system, in water and on land, able to detect training data in real time: work time, pedalling speed, revolutions, distance covered, calories consumed.

    The advantages of HTS

    Advantages for Aquatic CenterThrough the use of the HTS system, the aquatic centre can offer a superior and personalised service to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Ensuring safe and targeted training with the Aquabike
    • Checking the progress of the activity for each individual user
    • Reshaping the offer, adapting it to every age, physical condition and level of training
    • Evaluating the level of satisfaction with the courses offered and the trainers
    • Expanding the potential target who wants to use the Aquabike

    Advantages for TrainerThe HTS Display is able to monitor the activity of each customer in real time, reporting any intensity corrections needed in regards to the training goal.

    Advantages for CustomerThe customer is constantly followed and able to monitor the results of their training, thus determining goals to be achieved for their psycho-physical well-being.

    Are you interested in HTS? Do you want to use it in your aquatic centre?


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